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Future Soul's vision

To spread light, healing, and unity through music and art.

Future Soul is a channel for the creative, soulful community. We curate memorable, intimate experiences within the music and art industry, and create a welcoming environment for our guests.

Future Soul also promotes upcoming artists and musicians who are looking to connect with their audience on a deeper level. We build a platform for alternate sound for the creative souls who appreciate art. 

This channel was manifested in San Bernardino, California.

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Do you love visiting art museums? Do you enjoy walking across themed rooms and observing photographs, illustrations, and paintings? We certainly do. That's why we invited Inland Empire visual artists to share their artwork on our Virtual Gallery.
We attempted to make this museum as interactive as possible. If you click on an image, you'll see the zoomed-in version with details from the artist. Simply click on the image again to return to the room. Click on "Next Room" when you are ready to venture into the next gallery.
Download and Explore the Gallery!

future fam 

Our family is growing!
These are the locations we've visited.
San Bernardino
320 Premiere Hall
Studio F
The Breeze Way
Private location
Rancho Cucamonga
The Vibe Lab
The Groovy Wellness Center
Moreno Valley
Status Figure
Future Soul x Studio F
Future Soul x Studio F

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Future Soul x Vibe Lab
Future Soul x Vibe Lab

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Future Soul x Politikan
Future Soul x Politikan

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Future Soul x Studio F
Future Soul x Studio F

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Welcome to the Family!