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Marissa Rey
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Marissa enjoys creating art and has a keen eye for setting up designs and styling. She enjoys the interaction between art and communication and always knew she wanted to be involved with creative individuals. 


Marissa builds relationships between artists and the community, designs, manages social media, and scouts for unique talent. 

Co-founder, Art Director

Colleen Cabral

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Colleen enjoys bringing people together and wishes to include the “soul” aspect of the brand by inventing collborative projects, supporting the art community, and by creating intimate experiences that are meaningful and memorable.

Co-founder, Media Director

Colleen hosts team meetings and writes for the website, email blasts, and social media. She directs photography and videography.

Kimmi Cruz


Visual Artist

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Kim is a printmaker, digital illustrator, and painter. 

She is Future Soul's first visual artist to showcase work at Soul Sesh. As a people-watcher, she draws and paints portraits of people in their natural element. 

Kim believes that people are beautiful and always have a story to tell. She is also the artist behind Future Soul's Soulquarius' moon banner!

You can email Kim for projects at

Chaleuh Ross

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Visual Artist

Chaleuh is a singer, song writer, graphic designer, and animator. She is an original Future Soul multi-media artist. 

Chaleuh inspires people to be their own person. She's passionate about destroying social norms and conformities, empowering women, and inspiring all light workers. She creates art that shows women their true powers with ability to change this world for the better.

You can find her art at



Photographer, IG Live Host, Lyricist

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LAW captures memories from Future Soul events, shoots Lookbooks, hosts FS IG Live Shows, and is an upcoming lyricist.

LAW's message to artists is to take time with what you believe is beautiful, because others may believe the same principles.

View LAW's photo gallery via

Richie Orozco


Videographer, Music Producer

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Richie produces music and visuals to tell a story. He has filmed and edited Future Soul recap videos and is the videographer behind Spring Park Series.

Richie's goals are to teach others how to use music and video editing software, and to share life advice that will help people become a better version of themselves. On a larger scale, he aims to start a music media academy.



Fashion Director, Colorful Soul, Lightworker

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Omar coordinates makeup and fashion looks for photoshoots while being a light in the soulful community. He encourages love, self-acceptance, and enjoying the present.

Omar’s artistic goal is to have a house dedicated to art and healing. Artists and healers could come together as a community in his large, sacred backyard. It is the total dream for endless creations, dressing up, and soul searching.



Performer, Host, Strategic Partner

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NATO has performed his music at Soul Sesh, hosted Soul Sesh, and has been a strategic partner in our growth.

His journey as a poet led him to pursue music. The message behind his art is to seek your truth. He believes that there should be no rules to creativity and that there is beauty in creative freedom.

To support NATO's music, check out his Linktree at: